Southern Indiana Eats N Treats Feature - December 2017 / January 2018: The Widow's Brew Coffee Shop

            One of Southern Indiana’s most iconic places is now offering much more than before. If you haven’t already heard, Widow’s Walk in Clarksville now has a coffee shop inside the house! Widow’s Brew Coffee Shop and Widow’s Walk Ice Creamery are now being run by Jill Dodson and her wonderful staff. Previously, Dodson had owned Jill’s Place in Louisville, a coffee shop in the Glassworks building. One evening, Dodson took a drive over to Clarksville and fell in love with Widow’s Walk and began to spend a lot of time visiting the Ice Creamery.

As soon as Dodson heard that the owners were looking to sell, she immediately contacted them to inquire about it. Dodson recalls “My dad always said, you have a 50% chance for a no and 50% chance for a yes. If you don’t ask, it’s a 100% no.” She finalized the deal, started training and her journey began.

            Dodson took ownership of the Ice Creamery in October 2016, where everything is close to how the previous owners had run the business. She attributes the continued business success on the smooth transition, from how much ice cream to order to directions on how each menu item is made. Dodson didn’t see much reason to change what was already established and proven to be successful.

            It might be cold outside, but ice cream lovers, fear no more! For the first time ever, Widow’s Walk will now be offering ice cream year around. Dodson opened a Coffee Shop inside the house starting July 2017 with a great selection of drinks and treats. You may stop by Widow’s Brew to get a coffee with cream and sugar or maybe even one of their famous Affogatos. “Affogato” is Italian for “drowned” and is actually an Italian drink made typically with espresso poured over gelato – the gelato is “drowned” in espresso. However, Widow’s Brew did their own spin on it and instead of gelato, they use ice cream and crazy flavored espresso strength coffee.

Believe it or not, the idea for the Affogatos came to Dodson 3 days before she opened the coffee shop. A customer came up and asked if Dodson served “Affogatos” and she had never heard of them, so the customer explained and Dodson began her research. Dodson had plans for everything else in the coffee shop, but she didn’t want to offer the typical hot drinks served in coffee shops. Dodson knew it was important to serve something different, so she began to create the menu for the Affogatos. A special twist, Widow’s Brew’s affogatos are named after Dodson’s family or staff members based on their favorite espresso flavor and ice cream combination. These crazy flavors can be bananas foster, cinnamon churro or just about any other flavor you may want!

            At Widow’s Brew, you may be craving a muffin and ice cream, so why not go ahead and order a Muffin-ala-mode? This is a muffin of your choice with the center cut out and replaced with a scoop of ice cream. This treat pairs perfectly with your favorite cup of coffee. If you’re looking for a strong, but smooth coffee flavor, you might want to try the seasonal Bourbon Blend coffee from Jon Conti.

            With it being December, Widow’s Brew has switched to their winter hours and will now be closed Monday and Tuesday. You can stop by Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. or Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m. Their hours will adjust in March for the warmer months, so be sure to like their Facebook page to get notified of any changes. Also, keep an eye out for an expanding menu including more hot drinks and food items – they have some big plans in the works! Additionally, Widow’s Walk offers a unique spot for special occasions, including the house. For all of your coffee or ice cream cravings this holiday season, be sure to stop by Widow’s Walk in Clarksville at 415 E. Riverside Drive. Whether you’re going by yourself or with friends and family, they are sure to have something to please everyone!

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04 Dec 2017

By Courtney Miller