Southern Indiana Eats 'n Treats - Feature June/July 2017: Cricket's Cafe

            Summer means people searching for a good place to eat with a home-style feel and possibly even outside dining.  If you are looking for your new summertime favorite lunch spot, Cricket’s Café in Sellersburg is the place for you!

Cricket’s Café was opened in 2008 by owner, Cheryl Koetter. Before she opened Cricket’s, Cheryl and her mom had opened Weezie’s Cup of Java just down the street in 2005.  Their idea of a coffee shop quickly turned into a café, but with limited square feet and no room to grow, it was time to build their own custom space.

Why the name “Cricket’s?” According to Cheryl, Cricket is actually her nickname. With the café being owned and ran by her, why name it anything else?

Cricket’s is a welcoming café style restaurant with a coffee shop feel. Customers can come in, order their food and enjoy their meal inside or out on the patio area. Whether you need to get some work done or spend quality time with good company, you’ll enjoy freshly prepared dishes and good service. Customers can also swing in the drive-thru for a quick meal to-go.

The menu at Cricket’s Café offers everything from breakfast burritos, salads to lunch sandwiches, so they are sure to have something for everybody. Everything that Cricket’s serves is made in-house, so you know that is fresh and delicious. One of their popular omelets is the Mediterranean Omelet which comes with sautéed wilted spinach, onions, tomatoes and it is served with your choice of toast or a biscuit. Speaking of biscuits, Cricket’s serves biscuits and gravy that are made in-house. They make a pepper gravy with flour and bacon grease which gives the gravy a home-cooked taste. A little-known fact, and not commonly seen in other restaurants, Cricket’s offers breakfast all day long; from open until close! If you are looking for a little pick-me-up in the morning or even in the afternoon, be sure to try their Milky Way drink. It is made with caramel, chocolate and vanilla syrups and espresso, of course. This drink can be served hot or cold and you can also top it with whipped cream if you wish. Whether you are craving breakfast at lunch time or just a salad, Cricket’s Café has you covered. If you have the little ones with you, Cricket’s Café also has a kids’ menu.

For the summer, Cricket’s is now offering their seasonal Chicken Berry Salad and Wraps if you are looking for something light and full-of-flavor.

If you are looking for a quick meal to take back to the office or to a picnic, Cricket’s Café also offers Box Lunches which are your choice of a Traditional Box, a Great Box or a Salad Box. The Traditional Box offers your choice of sandwich or wrap from a given list, a pickle and a brownie bite. The Great Box offers your choice of sandwich or wrap from a given list, choice of cup of soup or side salad, chips, a pickle and a brownie bite. Next is their Salad Box which is either a Chef Salad Box or a Grilled Chicken Salad Box. Box lunches of 10 or more are served with a gallon of sweet or unsweet tea. To make it easy, Box Lunches can now be ordered online!

If you’re short on time, Cricket’s Café now offers online ordering, so you can order before you leave the office or the house and then pick it up. It is very apparent that Cricket’s has something for everyone; you are almost guaranteed to be satisfied with your visit!

They also offer breakfast and lunch drop-off catering, typically for groups or offices, so you can call them for any inquiries that you may have.

Since they only serve breakfast and lunch, Cricket’s Café is open Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. until 2 p.m. and on Saturdays from 7 a.m. until 2 p.m. You can find them on Facebook or online at With all of the options here, you are sure to find your new favorite meal at Cricket’s Café!

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02 Jun 2017

By Courtney Miller