Southern Indiana Eats 'n Treats - Feature August/September 2017: Pearl Street Taphouse

            What began as a love and sheer appreciation for craft beer is now a taphouse in Southern Indiana. With Jeffersonville growing immensely in recent years, it became clear that it would be a great idea to “get down here into the mix of things,” said Kelly Conn and Teri Taylor, owners and founders of Pearl Street Taphouse.  Although it was hard for Conn and Taylor to find a place to start a taphouse, they still wanted to become a part of the ever-growing city of Jeffersonville. When the city made the decision to save the historic houses and turn them into commercial property, Conn and Taylor jumped on the idea of it. The work on the house, turned business, began in April, 2016 and lasted until they opened the doors on December 3rd, 2016. “It looked like a haunted house at first,” Conn said, “holes in the windows and floor and water under the 126 year old building.” If you do the math, this building had lasted through the flood, and even a fire. Neither the age nor the state of the building were able to turn Conn and Taylor away.

            “The structure itself has survived 126 years. We just had to take the bones and add new plumbing, electric, insulation and drywall. She’s an old girl, but she’s got new clothes,” Conn said. After all of the hard work that was put into the building, Conn said he believes that the building might last another 100 years. “It’s fun to save something,” Conn said.

            Walking into Pearl Street Taphouse, you will get an 1890s vibe, with the décor and the building’s original hardwood floors. “Everything in here means something,” Conn said. All the décor you will find in Pearl Street Taphouse came from either the house of a family member or from a place in the area that was shut down or torn down. The fireplace insert and the red lamp came from Phoenix Hill Tavern. The standing bar came from the building that had burned down on Whiskey Row. There are bits of local history all throughout Pearl Street Taphouse. “We feel that it all adds a bit of luck,” Conn said.

            If you have ever wondered how Conn and Taylor choose which craft beers they are going to have on tap, they start local and work their way out. “Indiana beers first, then the Great Lakes Region and then nationwide,” Conn said. Every now and then, Conn might even pick a beer from out of the country. Conn and Taylor would rather put a local beer on tap because it helps keep money in the community. “It’s Indiana farmers growing the grains, local breweries, local distributors,” Conn said.

            Although you can not have happy hour in Indiana, Conn and Taylor are getting ready to begin a special for half-priced bottles of wine on Sundays. Of course they will have different specials for the Trolley Hops and other events going on, so be sure to keep an eye out on their Facebook page!

            At Pearl Street Taphouse you could find your new favorite beverage with 24 craft taps and specialty cocktails, but you are also likely to find your new favorite entrée! All of the food at Pearl Street Taphouse is homemade which only adds to the flavor and experience.

            You may have heard a lot of people raving about the wings at Pearl Street Taphouse. The wings are bone-in and have a dry rub seasoning on them. Depending on your taste, you can choose savory or sweet wings. Either flavor pairs perfectly with ranch and bleu cheese, or if you’re craving something different, you can try the wings with their bourbon siracha sauce. If you’re looking for a sandwich option, Pearl Street Taphouse offers a parmesan encrusted grilled cheese. Don’t let the name fool you, this isn’t your ordinary grilled cheese. This grilled cheese comes on a wheat bread with butter and parmesan on the outside. On the inside, you will find tomatoes, avocado spread, bacon, provolone cheese, habanera Havarti cheese, and white cheddar cheese. Full of flavor, this is one grilled cheese you will never forget. Their burgers are hand-pattied, and seasoned with a secret seasoning.  On their appetizer menu is the Spinach Stuffed Cheese Mushrooms, which are Teri Taylor’s specialty. “I take these to all of my family gatherings and they love them, so they told me I had to put them on my menu,” Taylor said. They also offer a fire-roasted artichoke dip that Taylor says “you will crave and come in just to get it!” Although Pearl Street Taphouse has a small menu, Taylor is constantly coming up with things to add to the menu.

            It is very apparent that Conn and Taylor enjoy being involved in the community. They recently hosted an event that helped J.B. Ogle, an animal shelter in Jeffersonville. They were able to raise some money and a dog was even adopted during the event. Although nothing is set in stone yet, Conn and Taylor will be hosting events similar to this one in the future. Be sure to keep an eye out on Facebook for any upcoming events, as well as live entertainment.

            During a visit to Pearl Street Taphouse, one might find a quote in the menu that reads, “this house is made of wooden beams, this bar is made of love and dreams.” Conn and Taylor have obviously put their entire hearts and souls into Pearl Street Taphouse. “We have taken the love that we have for each other and the love that we have for craft beer and good food and used that to grow our business. If you come in here and don’t feel the personal attention to every detail, then we have failed.” Conn said.

            The goal, according to Conn and Taylor, is for their customers to feel at home. Upon entering, guests are invited to, “make themselves at home.” The space at Pearl Street Taphouse is only big enough to have a bar and a few tables. There is not enough space to separate the bar from the tables, so by the laws of Indiana, Pearl Street Taphouse is a 21 and older only restaurant. Be sure to have your ID with you if you plan on checking out this spot! We hope you find your new favorite watering hole at Pearl Street Taphouse in Jeffersonville, where they are proudly Independent, Locally Owned and Operated.


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04 Aug 2017

By Courtney Miller