Southern Indiana Eats 'n Treats - Clark County Feature March 2015: Momma's Pizza and More

            Momma’s Pizza is a mom and pop pizza parlor located on Charlestown-New Albany Pike in Jeffersonville, in a little red building sitting back off the road. The owner calls it her diamond in the rough. The ceilings are painted sky blue with clouds shaped like animals, alluring tiffany like lamps above the tables, and a kids area for little ones to play while their pizza bakes in the oven. You can smell the garlic the moment you walk in and then you are greeted by Momma Donna Stamper herself.

            Momma’s carries small, medium, and large pizzas, that you can top with your favorite meats and veggies or get one of Momma’s specialty pizzas. Bread sticks, cheese bread, or garlic cheese dots to start paired with either garlic butter or marinara sauce to dip. Fresh spinach salads, calzones with up to four toppings, stromboli, Momma’s Philly or the hot Bal Boa Philly.

            Donna prides herself for making everything with her special ingredient, love. She said she truly loves what she is doing and the minute owning Momma’s becomes a job, she’s gonna shut the doors. She welcomes everyone who walks through with a smile and warm hello, picking up right where you left her last.

            It took her and son, John, four months of research to perfect their New York styled pizza. Momma Donna did not settle on the dough, the sauces, the cheeses, or the premium toppings. Donna and her son worked at his restaurant Achilles Pizza for four years before it closed in 2011, selling some of the best pizza in Southern Indiana.

            “I thought oh my goodness, son what have we gotten our selves into. He told me, look mama it’s a honor for us to love pizza and in order for us to love pizza we’re going to have to make our own. And now I love pizza,” Donna said.

            Between her loyal, long time customers and her supportive husband Frank, AKA Mr. Mom, Donna believes she wouldn’t be where she is today without them. Some of her customers have been with her since she worked at Achilles. She said Frank comes in on Sundays or before and after hours to ensure she is taken care of. He will take care of boxes that need to be folded, vegetables that need to be cut, doing whatever he can so she doesn’t fall behind.

            “It was May 31st when I asked him to go into business with me, he said no, so I prayed on it and I asked him again, still no. Knowing what God told me I asked him to pray about it before saying no again. He came to me a few days later and said ‘God reminded me to trust you, you’ve never steered me wrong before so lets do it’,” Donna said.

            It took the Stamper’s their life savings, five months, and a lot of faith and patience to get the building fixed up and operating when they bought it last year. Ever since the doors opened, the business has been what she describes as a blessing.

            Donna said she buys local when she can and that she currently grows and uses her own ghost peppers for the hotter menu items. This year she wants to try and grow spinach for her fresh salads. She said her goal for the future is to keep making pizza that pleases everyone who tries it and maybe in five years someone will buy it so she can retire and live on the beach!

            “This is my hidden gem, people might not know we’re here now but once they do, they’ll be back for more, I’m sure of it,” Donna said.

            Momma’s Pizza is on Facebook and that’s the number one way Momma Donna keeps her customers up to date on daily deals or weekly promotions. To like her on Facebook, visit Donna is planning to run several March Madness specials during the whole month of March, so keep an eye out for those too. Call Momma’s for larger orders and she will ensure you the tastiest, buttery, warm pizza on this side of the Ohio with her catering options.

            Momma’s is open Monday through Saturday from 11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Stop in to say hello and try some of her garlic cheesy bread. You won’t be disappointed.


Momm'a Pizza & More

1611 Charlestown-New Albany Pike

Jeffersonville, IN  47130

Phone: (812) 697-3224


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